On the basis of many years' experience in the field of artificially taking sperm from birds, Harry Geurts has now developed a technique in Belgium to do the same with pigeons. After a number of years' study, this product is ready to be put into practice. This could mean a great breakthrough for pigeon racing and that for the following reasons:

1.  Previous testing of your cock-pigeons (male pigeons) on good sperm. You will then      know well in advance if you can use the male pigeon in question for natural breed.      The volume of the sperm shows if it is suitable for breeding cock-pigeons.

     The quality of the sperm can be tested as well, so that you will gain an insight in its      fertility. We will show you the movement and quality of pigeon sperm on a      monitor.

2.  Testing young male pigeons before putting them into a basket. You can often tell by      the quality of the sperm if your birds are in a top condition or not.