The quantity and quality of pigeon sperm can be determined on the basis of a microscopic examination.
These measured values are decisive for the fertility of a pigeon. A certificate of them can be delivered at a possible sale of the pigeons.
This method can also be applied to male pigeons (cock-pigeons) that no longer fertilize. After all, our technique enables us, in case of alleged infertile male pigeons, to collect a normal quantity of sperm anyway. Many old male pigeons no longer have their own strength to ejaculate naturally, but they still do produce sperm. We stimulate this male pigeon in a natural way through our massage techniques to come to a sperm ejaculation.
The hypothesis that many OLD MALE PIGEONS would no longer be fertile, will certainly not hold anymore in this case! You had better test such a bird before definitely writing it off. Much research and tests have proved that male pigeons in the age of 12 years and over, are able to provide offspring. This, however, on the basis of Artificial Insemination techniques as described above.