Preventative taking and 190° deepfreezing of sperm should be carried out before putting your best pigeons into a basket. This in case of losing your bird for whatever reason. You can then always continue breeding with the deepfrozen sperm of your pigeon. The deepfrozen sperm has an unlimited life. Thus you actually have a good life insurance for you pedigree.

Sperm bank. (deepfreezing of pigeon sperm)

Now that there is a possibility to conserve the sperm of top-rated male pigeons, or to freeze it, this will give you an opportunity to have sperm taken before selling your pigeon, and to preserve it for whatever purposes (e.g. sale or breeding).

You can then use it for your own or for a third party to inseminate female pigeons or to sell it at the price that you fix on the basis of the donor's pedigree, at any time you require.

Note: Not all pigeon sperm is suitable for freezing. Each male pigeon will just be previously tested to see if its sperm can be kept in good quality. If this is not so, then you will always have the possibility to work with the fresh sperm of this bird.