1.  It is also quite possible to obtain offspring from a valuable infertile male pigeon.

2.  Very easy line breeding.

3.  A large number of offspring can be bred at a very short period without damaging     the breeding pigeons.

4.  Through the sperm bank there are several options from top-rated male pigeons and      first prize winners in all categories and all price ranges. You compose them      yourself, if necessary.

5.  The small pigeon flyer attains top-class pigeons in a relatively cheap way.

6.  The pigeon remains in the pigeon flyer's possession and can form a surplus value      anyway, by involving it as cock-pigeon/sperm donor.

7.  A good pigeon can still participate in competitive racing, whereas it can also be      involved in breeding, without suffering the slightest damage.

8.  As a result of DNA verifications, there is a 100% lineage guarantee, at the same time      forming a protection against theft.

9.  Having sperm taken from top-rated male pigeons in an artificial way 10 times a           year, suffices to obtain the same result as with natural breeding.

10.  The deepfrozen sperm of a top-class pigeon will give you certainty for years to      breed offspring of a former top-class pigeon as yet, at whatever time!